Who Are We?

First and foremost we are not a traditional church.
We are a Christian fellowship. We do not meet every Sunday. We believe that God wants to speak directly to anyone who is willing to seek Him. We are not affiliated with any particular denomination. We believe that Jesus demonstrated what being a Christian is: A servant, loving, giving, forgiving, and dedicated to helping the poor.


We are a volunteer church.
We have no pastoral or secretarial salaries. There are no music director salaries or childcare salaries. We are volunteers! Because we don’t have the overhead that many churches have, we have more resources available to help the poor.

We do not own real estate.
It has been a priority of pastor Kent that Praise Community Fellowship would not build another church building because there are already plenty of church buildings in existence. Most of the churches sit empty about 90% of the time and cost a lot to maintain. By renting space we save money that can be used to help those in need. It is not about us! It is about helping people connect with Jesus and we feel we can be more effective doing this by getting involved with those in need.

We have no membership requirements.
At Praise Community Fellowship, we believe that if you want to be part of our family, you will join us when we come together and worship and will also help us support our missions.  We meet and lead worship approximately 2 times per month. However, since we are sharing worship space with the good people of Immanuel United Methodist Church, there is a worship service available to everyone every Sunday. The schedule of worship is posted on this site so you can always see who is leading worship.

We believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe.
With love, we can do more and serve more as a supportive family group. We welcome anyone who wants to be part of a loving, caring family that get’s involved with loving and caring for those in need.

We believe in prayer!
Prayer changes things. Prayer is how we connect with God. Jesus demonstrated the power of prayer in His life and gave us a model of prayer. When we bring our prayers to God, power is released into peoples lives for healing, strength, peace, change, and wisdom.

Prayer Requests