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Services will be at 9:00am on Sundays at Esic Church in Edwardsville. All are welcome!

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All donations are appreciated and used to directly help our missions.

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Pastor Kent D. Schuette

Pastor Kent D. Schuette

“I am a seeker of wisdom! I started reading the bible when I was 19 years old.” Read More

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First and foremost we are not a traditional church.  Read More

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PCF believes in Jesus’ teaching on helping the poor. Read More

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The blog is how the PCF family stays connected and informed as to worship schedules, prayer requests, upcoming events, weather cancelations etc.  The blog will come to your email inbox automatically. PCF blogs are not sent on any particular schedule.  The PCF blog is the best way to know what is going on within your PCF family. You can sign up below.

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This Sunday and More

Blessed Friday PCF family and friends! Metaphorically speaking there is a river of truth that is flowing under all Creation. That river of truth is Jesus and His teachings. It is His power that keeps all things in the Universe in order. As a Christian you must answer...

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Prayer Request!

Good morning PCF Family, I want to get prayers going for Jerry Curran who was taken to the hospital last night with COVID. His oxygen levels were low so they admitted him. I spoke with Sandy this morning and she said they got him stabilized with IV's and he is feeling...

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Now What?

Whenever you are having one of those days that just makes you say, "Now What?" I have found that that is a real good time to go to prayer because God is the only one who knows exactly what the "Now What! should be. Prayer is the tool that God has given His church to...

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