You see this often on Facebook, “For my birthday this year I would like to raise money for.…..  And I think this is a great way for people to help out their favorite organizations. But I want to ask everyone for a different consideration for my 65th birthday. Here it is: “Do what ever you have to for the rest of this year to get to know Jesus better!” Study what He taught in the bible, Seek His wisdom and presence in prayer, commit to asking, seeking, and knocking everyday until you have a relational breakthrough with Him. Because if you do this, your life is going to blossom in ways you never thought possible. Now I will tell you, seeking Jesus is not easy because there is a distractor. When you get serious about becoming Jesus’ best friend there is another Spirit in the world that will declare war on you. Satan does not want you to become one of Jesus’ best friends. Why? Because when that happens satan knows the power you will have against his kingdom.

I know some people would say well Kent, “I don’t want to become a Holy Roller!”  Listen, I agree. I don’t want to become a Holy Roller either. To me a Holy Roller is a “Religious” person. And by that I mean it is someone who has burdened themselves with restrictive doctrines and laws to the degree that it makes them unpleasant to be around. They are people who can spot the sin in everyone but themselves. Jesus came to set us free. He came to give us life and to give it abundantly. Jesus loved people abundantly, yet within the guidelines of His Father in Heaven. He was sinless so He knew how to deal with every personality, every form of brokenness, every kind of sin and fear. Jesus knows what the human spirit needs to be whole.

We all have things in our life that we prioritize, things that we make time for because they are more important to us than other things. All of us have the exact amount of time in each day. We have 24 hours to eat, sleep, get our work done, play, and on and on. At the end of each day we have spent our 24 hours on a variety of activities. What priority does God have with the time He has given you?  Here is what I tell people who say they just don’t have the time to go to church or study the bible, The reality is you are choosing other things to eat up your time. There is always time to do what you really want to do. But even if you are super busy you can always find time for Jesus either before, after, or instead of!  Seek him before something, after something or seek him instead of something else that takes time.

Enters sin! Recently I had a revelation about sin. All sin has at its root in selfishness. Sin is always about ME! My want’s, my desires, my cravings, and sin makes me put those wants, desires, and cravings above the guidelines of God. So sin always breaks the very first commandment, Thou shall have no other Gods before me. 

So, for my birthday this year I am asking everyone to donate some amount of their daily 24 hour allotment of time to the most important thing in the universe, getting to know Jesus personally!

Sincerely and with love, pastor kent

Important message:  Darlene Azar of Esic Church does an amazing job of organizing donations for various causes. She calls this her “Do Something Group”  Darlene spoke with our Krista Kell and Lori Rodgers about helping with a need a Beverly Farm. Here is what they have come up with. Mission Project: One cabin of 24 women are in need of new, bright, colorful and patterned twin sheet sets and new bath towel sets (bath towel and wash cloth). If you would like to donate new items, please place them in the bin by the entrance door. Collections will be accepted up to September 12th. If you have questions, please email Darlene Azar at  Thank you for caring!   Darlene

See you Sunday! Can’t wait.  Choir practice 6:30pm Wednesday evening. 

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