This Sunday I will be telling a great classic bible story with deep meaning for all of us today. This will be a great Sunday to invite young people who need to hear God’s promises. God is looking for young people to bless and encourage and do great things in this broken world. I hope you will be joining us this Sunday at 9:00am.

I am planning on launching our PCF bible Study in October. I have several of you who have expressed interest. I will be sending out more info soon as to what time and what day.

A word Christians must understand: Covenant: it is a legal binding agreement between two parties. In the bible God made covenants with mankind. Since God is perfect, His covenants with us are absolute and can be trusted. In the bible there are 5 main covenants that God made with us, they were with Noah, Abraham, Israel, and David and the New Covenant inaugurated by Jesus. We are called to be covenant people, in agreement and in contract with the one and only God of the universe.

What is happening behind the scenes at PCF?  We continue to have at least 250 views of our weekly online services. There is nothing better than being in church together but it looks as if we will have to accommodate, improve and prepare for this kind of expanding ministry. The choir continues to practice and expand. We have a dedicated music ministry team willing to commit to weekly practices and who dedicate themselves to learning more and more new music. We appreciate their dedication and their amazing voices. Nelleke and her dedicated team of volunteers continue to pack lunches to be delivered to the local schools. This is part of the TWIGS ministry. I am thinking about a fall PCF family and friends meal and gathering, possibly a Sunday evening. A time to have a meal together and talk with one another about our life together as a PCF family. Maybe we could call it a possibility meal where we come with idea’s and dreams for the future of our church.

We continue to have guests on Sundays. Please remember to introduce yourself and make them feel welcome. We all know how difficult it is to enter a new place not knowing what to expect or what the routine is. Sit by them and walk them through our services and who we are. Ask them if they have any questions. All of this goes a million miles to making them feel comfortable and part of the family.

I will have a prayer update on the next post.

Plan for Sunday’s service. Invite a young person. See you then. Love, pastor kent

Praise Community Fellowship.   The church with No Walls! 9:00am Sundays at Esic Church located at 1000 University Drive Edwardsville.   God’s Truth with Love and Compassion.