Hello PCF family, this coming Sunday, June 21st, we are going to meet at Glik Park at 9:00am! 

Note the time change! 9:00am.  Our dear Barb Weiss will be moving to Colorado Monday the 22nd so this will give everyone a chance to see her and wish her well on her new journey.  We can practice social distancing by sitting apart at the tables and some of you may want to bring lawn chairs. The rest rooms at Glik Park may not be open!

I am hoping we can have a decent turn out for Barb because she is certainly hoping to see her church family before she moves. Hopefully the girls will be putting some songs together. I am changing the time to 9:00 for this coming Sunday because the park has been getting very busy this Summer. It is also Father’s day.

Get the word out. I am looking forward to seeing all of you. This Sunday, Glik Park, 9:00am! See you there! Love, pastor kent