Freedom.   Since man has been on this earth he has sought freedom from some sort of oppression. Freedom from fear, freedom from death, freedom from slavery, freedom from illness, freedom from hunger, freedom from abuse, people have sought and are still seeking freedom.  Jesus came to set us free. “Then You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free!”  There is Life and Peace found in Freedom.  How can we get there?

Tomorrow at 10:30am I will be on the Praise Community Fellowship Facebook page live to discuss the ultimate freedom. I hope you will join me as we look at what the bible says about the ultimate freedom.

Let’s Pray: 

Beverly Farm, as most of you know my son Ben is a resident of Beverly Farm. There are currently about 370 residents that live at Beverly Farm as well as 400+ employees. Lori Rodgers and Krista Kell both work there and have dedicated their lives to serving the special people at the Farm. Up until this past week there have been no known cases of COVID 19. However, on 06-22-20 an employee felt ill and tested positive. Since then so have 11 residents that had contact with this employee. Fortunately all are asymptomatic!  I praise God for that. Please pray that God will protect the residents and the employees of Beverly Farm. UPDATE. All residents and staff have been tested since my last post and I can tell you that my son’s cottage is clear with no infections. I am waiting to hear about the rest of the Farm. 

Rob Ebert, Rob is a good friend of Peggy Gain. Rob needs our prayers as he is battling an aggressive cancer.  Prayers of God’s Peace, Strength, Wisdom, and Healing.

Mary and Lee Knapp. We continue to pray for God’s healing touch for both Lee and Mary.

Mary Berry, continued healing for Mary.

Mike Rodgers, continue prayers for Mike as he needs to have two more surgeries one for his carotid artery and bypass surgery for his heart.

Ben Stunkle, because Ben has been moved to an acute care facility to continue rehab and healing from his accident, his mom Kyle McCracken Stunkle can no longer visit him during this Covid virus outbreak. We lift both Ben and Kyle to Gods Grace and healing love during this difficult time.

Don and Lois Kruckeberg, Denise Reeders parents. Denise has brought her mom home and is currently taking care of her there.  Don is doing is back at Eden Care. Caregiving is one of the hardest jobs on earth especially when it comes to family members so we ask for Gods strength, patience, and wisdom for Mark and Denise during these challenging times.

Russell Boster update, Russell is Jane Mckinney’s sister who has been battling ovarian cancer. She is continuing Chemo treatments. We continue to lift Russell up to the miracle maker. Health, peace, and strength.

Maryann Kavanaugh, Peggy Gains mother. Maryann is homebound and lives with chronic debilitating pain due to a dental procedure 7 years ago. We lift Maryann to our God of all possibilities.

See you tomorrow at 10:30 on Facebook Love, pastor kent

Praise Community Fellowship, the church Without Walls.