Those of you that had a chance to watch the sermon yesterday know that I am in Sacramento CA. I talked about the homeless population here. I walked about a block this morning to get a coffee and I passed a homeless person sleeping on the side walk all wrapped up in a filthy bunch of blankets amongst a pile of other not so clean items of clothing etc. The person was completely covered so I couldn’t tell if it was a male or female, old or young. I got to the coffee shop and the Holy Spirit began tapping me on my heart. I left the coffee shop with my coffee and a bag with another coffee, a banana, and a breakfast sandwich. I came up to the sleeping homeless person and tapped the pile gently and asked if they were ok. It was a man about 30. I tried to engage him in a conversation but he stayed in a semi sleep so I left the food and coffee for him. So what is the point?

My message for you today is, “being a true follower of Jesus begins by listening to the Holy Spirit which is a choice that we must make minute by minute throughout our day in all circumstances.” When you make Jesus the Lord of your life it is going to change you! It will change your normal daily routine. It will disrupt your plans. It will be uncomfortable at times. It will stretch your comfort zones. It will keep you in a state of dependance on Him because our only hope of being a disciple of Jesus is to stay connected to Him minute by minute throughout our daly routine. AND, it is when we “act” on the prompting of the Holy Spirit that He will fill your life with the power of life changing Love like you have never known before.

True Christianity changes things and the first thing it will change is you! If you aren’t changing you aren’t growing Spiritually. It’s a choice!

Love, pastor Kent

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