Some of you will remember Darlene and Chris Azar form our Esic Baptist days. Chris and Darlene moved to Hawaii for several years and have since moved back here to the Edwardsville Area. Both Darlene and Chris are very involved in two great missions that I want to share with you. First Darlene is helping an Elementary school in Belleville,Il. It’s called Franklin Elementary. Over 89% of the kids that attend Franklin are from low income homes. Darlene says that some parents are in jail, some parents work 3 part time minimum wage jobs, some kids come from single parent homes, some kids have lost one or both parents to violence, some of the kids go to bed hungry at night, and some of the children don’t have a pair of shoes that fit them. She even knows of some of the kids who live in cars or parks, and she says the list goes on. If you would like to help Darlene help these kids she is accepting $25 to $50 Aldi gift cards to help the neediest families with food. If this mission interests you you can contact Darlene by email at to get more information.

Her husband Chris Azar is now the president of a non for profit called Rebuilding Together Southwest Illinois. Chris is helping the elderly and others that cannot do projects themselves for a variety of reasons. His last projects included building a ramp of a home bound person who was in a wheel chair and he also installed some landscape steps so that an elderly could have a safe way to get to her patio. Chris says if you are interested in helping him on a project to give him a call at 618-876-4578. He can fill you in on the needs and the projects that are on the books. If you know Chris he is a hands on type of guy and really enjoys doing these small projects that greatly help those in need. Here is their website. Here

Those of you who have been with PCF for some time know that we have no membership requirements. I have always believed that if you like what we do you will get involved and become part of the PCF family. And that’s really what we are, a Christian family of believers that come together to bring light into the world. We help each other, we learn from each other, and we strive to make Jesus’ teachings the compass of our life. At PCF we believe that following the teachings of Jesus is our top priority! I am hoping that all of you who are listening to the Sunday services are starting to see a pattern. I am concerned about what Christianity has become in America. I firmly believe that true Christianity is life changing! True Christianity will not only change who you are but it is the only way to insure that you will develop the fruits of the Spirit which will allow you to shine in a dark world. There is much darkness in the world. Jesus said that He was the Light. We are to be like Him. To do that we must change some of our priorities and habits so that we can bring about a much needed change in this country. We will be lead by love! There was a song that Eden Band used to play way back in the day called The Basics of Life. Listen Here

Maybe it’s time to get back? 
Our Prayer list: 
Barb Joiner, Barbs Mother Marie Mudd passed away this past Friday. We lift Barb and her family to Gods Peace during this time of loss.

Mary and Lee Knapp. Mary has been having a rough time the past month. She got a concussion which activated her meniere’s disease. Mary is also scheduled to have hip surgery the first week of June. Lee is having lung difficulties because of his years spent as a fireman. Let’s lift Lee and Mary to the great Healer and granter of peace and wisdom.

Mike Rodgers is back home and needs a visiting nurse to help him recover from his heart attack and a severe infection. The plan is to get the infection under control and get his strength back so he can have triple bypass surgery, Continue to lift Mike to God’s healing hands and also give strength to Lori as they go through this difficult time. Lori thanks everyone for their continued prayers and says that she knows they are helping!

Mary Berry, Mary has had her operation and is healing at home. She will now undergo treatments for the breast cancer. We lift Mary to God’s healing Hands and ask for Gods peace and comfort as she recovers.

Ben Stunkle, because Ben has been moved to an acute care facility to continue rehab and healing from his accident, his mom Kyle McCracken Stunkle can no longer visit him during this Covid virus outbreak. We lift both Ben and Kyle to Gods Grace and healing love during this difficult time.

Don and Lois Kruckeberg, Denise Reeders parents. Denise has brought her mom home and is currently taking care of her there.  Don is doing is back at Eden Care. Caregiving is one of the hardest jobs on earth especially when it comes to family members so we ask for Gods strength, patience, and wisdom for Mark and Denise during these challenging times.

Russell Boster update, Russell is Jane Mckinney’s sister who has been battling ovarian cancer. She is continuing Chemo treatments. We continue to lift Russell up to the miracle maker. Health, peace, and strength.

Maryann Kavanaugh, Peggy Gains mother. Maryann is homebound and lives with chronic debilitating pain due to a dental procedure 7 years ago. We lift Maryann to our God of all possibilities.

Praise Community Fellowship, the church Without Walls.