One of the blessings of having a broken ankle is that I have been able to spend even more time studying God’s word and praying. This Sunday I am going to address a very important subject, “What is our responsibility as Christians in a society that seems to be moving further and further away from God and His truth.”  You and I have a responsibility and a commission from Jesus. If we don’t step into our responsibility, we cannot complain about our future.

After studying and praying on this I have come to some amazing revelations that I think are going to be surprising to many of you. As always I will use biblical truths to unveil our responsibility in these crazy times. Don’t jump to conclusions before you hear my talk on Sunday!

I Hope you are able to get out and enjoy the day. Today is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and grateful and rejoice in it!

Our Prayer List:

  • Doris Theris, Doris is Savannah’s maternal grandmother. She has been put into hospice. Please pray for God’s peace and comfort for Doris as she transitions from this world to Paradise.
  • John Grant, John needs our prayers for healing. He is being treated for a new diagnosis, congestive heart failure. We call on our healer Jesus to intervene in John’s condition.
  • Keith Sedlacek, Cathy Crowder has asked for our prayers for Keith who has been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Let’s lift Keith and his family in prayer for God’s healing Grace, Peace, and Love.
  • Emmett, Bob and Judi Bertels grandson is a 12 year old young man who has just been diagnosed with macular dystrophy which causes loss of eyesight. We ask for God’s intervention and healing.
  • Mike Portell, praise report. Mike’s hand is healing after his terrible accident. He has a way to go with therapy but he is in good spirits and feeling better.
  • Alene Schuette, who fell and fractured a vertebrae. We pray for release of pain and full recovery.
  • Ron Jones, continued strength and healing and God’s Peace and Love.
  • All who are seeking a deeper relationship and deeper understanding of Jesus’ teachings.
  • Courage to be bold for Jesus with our neighbors and family.

Praise Community Fellowship, The church with No Walls! 

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