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I’ve been outside working all morning in this beautiful day that the Lord has made. I am grateful! I am thankful, I am happy. Thank you Lord. God declares He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

Start your day with Jesus, walk through your entire day with Jesus, and end your day with Jesus. You cannot go wrong when you are walking with Jesus. I hope I can see many of you tomorrow morning as you start your day with Jesus. It’s an old fashion Sunday with Hymns!  The PCF family is blessed!

Urgent prayer request:  I got a message from Sue Ebersoldt today. Jim has having some serious issues with his liver and has a blood clot in one of his heart arteries. He has been running a high fever. I know the girls are on their way to Florida. Please lift Jim and Sue and family to the God who loves his creation and answers when we call on Him! Lord we lift Jim into your hands and ask for your peace, wisdom for the doctors treating him and even in this trying time I ask you fill Jim’s heart with your joy. In Jesus name, Amen.

Love, pastor Kent.   See you at 9:00 am!


Blessings on your entire weekend. Hope to see you soon.