PCF will bring in the New Year this Sunday at 10:30am at 800 North Main Street Edwardsville in the beautiful little Immanuel Methodist Church.

Attending church is about sharing, caring, supporting, and learning to love others in a more dynamic way. Jesus uses members of His church to accomplish His mission in this broken world. People who choose to become part of a church family are making a decision to be part of Jesus’ mission. That mission’s primary purpose is to expand His Kingdom. His Kingdom starts within the heart of every believer. We accomplish that by learning about His teachings and the way His Kingdom works on this earth and in our life. Primarily we do this by demonstrating His love to those who come to us. Jesus’ love is unconditional love which means we welcome everyone into our family. The very best way to attract people into God’s family is by living our lives differently than the world lives. Our lives are to be the light and the salt and the music and the comfort to a raw, broken, hurting world. We are not to conform to the world’s way, but we are to conform to the way Jesus taught us to live, with a profound love for one another. That means some people that come to us will need food or clothing, others will need a compassionate ear to listen to their hurts and failures, others will need direction and counseling, others friendship. Some will need discipline and encouragement and others education. All of us need forgiveness, kindness and compassion.

This new year, 2020, we will be reaching out to expand our PCF family. There are hundreds of people who live all around us that need what we have, a relationship with Jesus. That is why at the last board meeting we have decided to invest in getting the word out this year by recording the sermons and the music and start doing media boosts to get the word outside of our church walls. We will need someone to manage the website and update it with new information. We need each and everyone of you to pray about how you can become an active disciple to growing God’s Kingdom. We will be video taping and doing face book posts using cuts of the sermon and music. We will need volunteers for that and many other things to reach out into our community. If you are receiving this blog and are not currently an active member in a church family, I am asking you to visit our church and get involved. The mission is not about growing PCF but Gods Kingdom. That is our goal this year. To expand our church family to the point where we will need to start another split off church. If you have other ideas I am ready to hear them.

Please pray:

Tom Gain is recovering from Hip replacement surgery. Please pray for God’s healing hands and a fast recovery.

Alene Schuette, Alene is my aunt and she had a mild stroke this past week. She is home recovering but will need therapy. Please pray for Gods healing touch and His peace for her and my uncle Howard.

Continued prayers for Willow, Mary and Lee Knapps great grand daughter who is having surgery to correct a birth defect.

Faye Heuchert, please continue to pray for Faye as she continues to recover from her brain surgery.

Devin Meyers, Devin is a young man from Brighton who was involved in a very serious accident. He still needs our healing prayers.

Prayers to all people who are lonely, sad, depressed, fearful, unhappy, broken. May the truth and power of God come to you this year so that you may find peace and love.

Revival comes when people get dissatisfied with what is and yearn deeply for what could be! The power to change comes from prayer and the Holy Spirit. Prayer initiates the connection to God’s Kingdom and the Holy Spirit comes to direct and manage. Our part is to step out in faith and do what He directs us to do.

See you soon! Love, pastor kent