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Dear PCF family, our Sunday school teacher Robin Hlava has some great news she would like to share:

Dear Church Family,

I wanted to share a few updates regarding the growth of our nursery/sunday school.  Can you believe that we have had 22 individual kids ranging from age 13 years old down to babies attend our Sunday School/Nursery this past year?  As I reflected on each one of those kids, my heart was happy to know that we were able to make an impact on their life, even if it was only for a one time attendance, or if they are regular attendees.  I love each one of them and want them to always feel they are special to this church family, because they are!
The great news is we are growing.  With growth, we are planning to make a few changes.  Our long term goal is to have two separate Sunday School classes to better meet the needs of the various age groups that are represented in our growing family. Currently, our older children are buddies to our younger kids, and that sometimes works.  🙂 We also have Glory, who has been a great help in the past couple of months.  We still need individuals to volunteer.  Ideally, we would love to have enough volunteers that we could rotate out every 6 weeks, allowing each of you to only commit to one time every six weeks.  I will remain a constant in the nursery and continue to serve, as it is a joy and an honor for me to do so.  If we can get 5 more volunteers that are willing to commit to one Sunday every 6 weeks, that would get us to a place where we can start making our goals a reality.  Please come see me if you think this would be something you want to be a part of.
In addition, because we are growing, we are going to make a few structure changes to help with the safety of our children. First, we are going to ask that only parents, grandparents, or guardians are allowed in the Nursery to drop off and pick up their children.   Also, because a couple of the little ones have run out of the class a few times without a parent or under my supervision, we are going to start locking the 2 side doors, and only have the “half door” unlocked so that they cannot leave until their parents pick them up, or if we are making our weekly “field trip” to get snacks.  It will put a better structure in place and will give me peace of mind knowing the kids are being properly cared for and accounted for while they are at church!  While Jesus left the 99 for the 1, we can’t do that for our kids. (ha)
Thank you for continuing to pray for our kids and the young families in our church. It means everything.
Robin Hlava
Great News Robin and we are grateful for your child ministry! And while I’m talking about the Hlava name let me also introduce Robin’s husband Darren who you all know because he is a singer in the PCF choir. Darren is going to be launching a men’s group.
Darren is wanting to find out how many guys would be interested in this group. His mission is to build a stronger fellowship among the men of PCF. The purpose would be to build a strong trust and bible honoring group of men helping each other to develop a closer walk with God but also to have the support of one another when the walk gets tough. You will hear more about this Sunday from Darren.
Special prayer requests:  
Patti Franklin has asked that we put Jane Hyten back on our prayer list. Her MSA condition has aggressively affected her both mentally and physically. She has lost her mobility and can no longer take care of her personal needs. She has also become very confused. Let’s lift Jane to God and pray for His peace, comfort and His will be done.
Savannah Halbe’s step father Mark Tolle is in surgery as I write this for an emergency double bypass surgery. Please lift Mark to God’s healing hands for a successful operation and fast recovery.
Our Church Calendar
  • Sunday Feb 11, Sunday Worship 10:30am
  • Wednesday Feb. 14, Choir Rehearsal 6:30pm
  • Sunday Feb.18, Sunday Worship 10:30am

Prayers requested:

  • Nadeen Schuette, we found out Monday Mom needs to take a stronger treatment to fight her liver cancer. We are praying that this new treatment is effective and that the side effects will be minimal.
  • Tyler Mackey, Tyler is need of a job. Target has greatly reduced his hours. If anyone has any suggestions please let Tyler know in the mean time let’s lift Tyler to God for direction.
  • Dustin Builderback has asked for prayers for his sister who is battling cancer, and for his brother.
  • Betsy Kelleher as she continues to heal from her heart surgery.
  • A special prayer requests: Faye Heuchert’s nephew, Chris Fultz, is very ill in the ICU at Anderson waiting to be transferred to Barnes. Chris needs our healing prayers.
  • Ruth Lange, continued prayers for strength and healing
    • Patty, Ella Ahrens sister who is battling  acute leukemia but hs been admitted to a special program that looks promising!
    • Mary and Lee Knapp, Mary has a pinched nerve in her lower back and her are doctors trying to figure out what procedure to do that may help her with her pain .
    • Brody Sedlacek, an 8 year old going thru his cancer treatments
    • Micah McKinney, Micah is back to work and is going to be receiving as special transplant to help with his leukemia so this is good news!

    God we lift all these people on our prayer list to you because you are the perfect healer. We ask that you open their hearts to your word, your truth, your love and your ability to change things in people’s lives.

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