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Dear PCF family and friends, there was a time in my life that I sold life insurance. That is a product that many people need but very few want to buy. The need for young families to have life insurance is especially important. When I was selling it it wasn’t the fact that young families didn’t see the need for life insurance, I could easily show them the need, it was paying for it, trying to fit the premiums into many times an already tight budget that caused the hesitation.

There is a real need for young families to be in church on Sunday mornings. The benefits of becoming a church belonging family are many. It is the one place where you can belong and grow and change in so many wonderful ways as God and his people surround you and nurture you through the events of life. But there is a cost to belonging to a church family! And just like when i was trying to sell life insurance to young families years ago, now I am trying to sell the Gospel and the benefits of belonging to a Godly family and I am running into the exact same problem. The cost! But this time it is not a monetary cost but a cost in time and discipline.

So here is what God has laid on my heart this past week and I need help. There are approximately 9,000 households in Edwardsville Ill. Out of those 9000 households approximately half of them are families. Can PCF make it a priority to bring 12 new unchurched families into our congregation over the next 6 months?  The reason this is so important? If you know God and the Joy that exists in the PCF family, then you know the answer to that question. It’s a no brainer! We have what families need, because we know Jesus! I look at the condition of our country and the world and it is full of anger, fear, frustration, skepticism, and emptiness because the world does not have the solution to those problems…. but God does!  Amen!!!  We have what families need! And…when these new families come in, I want to make sure that each of us become a mentor and an active participant in their spiritual growth. Today I am asking that all of you pray for wisdom and guidance as we step into this project. Have questions…. call me or text me or email me.  Kent: 618-334-3575.

I am still working on the Sept. Calendar, I’ll have it out soon.  


  • Gay Kell, Krista’s mom, is having an aortic heart valve replacement surgery tomorrow at Christian North East Hospital. Let’s turn this over to our Lord Jesus and ask for a successful surgery and a rapid recovery.
  • Rosalie Portell, Mike Portell’s mother. She has been hospitalized with health conditions. Praying for God’s peace and healing for Rosalie.
  • Cathy Rue, Cathy is John Grant’s sister, She is having health issues and will be tests done soon so doctors can find out what is going on. Please lift Cathy in prayer this week for healing and for wisdom for the doctors trying to diagnose her condition.
  • Leah Kaburick, for God’s wisdom and protection as she starts her first year in college away from home.
  • Bill Powell has had is bypass surgery and is still in the ICU recovering. We pray for God’s healing touch, His peace, and a quick and full recovery.
  • Sue Strubhart, Sue is an employee of ours who is in the hospital and needs open heart surgery. Please lift Sue to God’s healing hands.
  • Debbie Creamer, Continued prayers for the healing of Debbie after her cancer surgery on her throat.
  • Verlene Schwalb, Verlene battles something called Multiple Myeloma which is cancer of the bone marrow. She is currently on treatment, and it makes her ill and weak. Lets lift Verlene to God’s healing hands and ask for rapid success with the treatment and for less side affects.
  • Jason Burton, Jason continues to got good news with his latest treatments. Keep lifting Jason for continued healing and strength.
  • Pray for the people God is sending to our Church family. God is trusting us to provide them with a Joyful, loving, Spiritual Home.
  • Jim Ebersoldt, We will continue to lift Jim and Sue in prayer. Jim is experiencing some serious health issues with heart and liver.
  • The people of Ukraine and Russia who do not want the war.

Praise Community Fellowship, A Joyful church with No Walls! 9:00am Sundays at Esic Church located at 1000 University Drive Edwardsville. God’s Truth with Love and Compassion. Praise Community Fellowship Church is a 100% volunteer Church. We have no salaries or paid positions. Come be part of a Joyful Christian Family. Come be part of a Joyful Christian Family!   Have questions? Call Pastor Kent @ 618-334-3575. Or Board President. Gary Watson @ 409-781-6510