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After last Sunday’s sermon I decided to buy the book written by Chuck Colson, “Born Again”. I am only in the second chapter so I cannot give you a very thorough review but I will say that if you enjoy reading about what goes on behind the scenes in the political arena, and what I have read so far shows it was bad then and it is probably worse now, I think you will thoroughly enjoy this book. As I mentioned in my sermon last Sunday, the point in looking at these historical stories is to show that Jesus’ life changing power is alive and well. It is for you and me and everyone we know.

As you seek God and His truth, His truth will continually be revealed to you. You seek God by reading the bible and praying. Knowing His truth is what sets us free. Just remember there is an adversary that is going to do everything in His power to deceive you into believing that God’s truths no longer apply in the society and culture we live in today. The culture we live in today is simmering in a pot of satan’s lies and deceptions. Be very aware that no one is exempt from falling into these false beliefs.  God’s word has not changed, write that on your heart and soul. Society and culture has radically changed, not God’s word! The change that took place in Chuck Colson’s life, and it was a radical change, took place because He allowed the Holy Spirit complete access to His heart. Chuck replaced his cultural and political beliefs with God’s truth. That is how any of us can be radically changed by the Gospel, we must allow God and His truth to completely wash us and flush out out our old beliefs and allow the new to grow and take over.

Going against the current of culture is not easy! It never has been but it is when we step out of the culture’s belief system and into God’s truth that miracles happen. The culture flaunts sin! All sin is based on selfishness. We want to do what we want over what God want’s for us. God’s plan for anyone’s life begins by stepping out of the ways of man into the ways of God. Blessings to all of you on your faith journey.

Reminder: There will be no service this next Sunday due to travel. I will look forward to seeing everyone May 15th for a celebration of baptism and worship. Stay tuned! Love, pastor kent

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